İnfo Group Endüstriyel Dan. ve Tic. A.Ş.

INFO GROUP has a portfolio of very prestigious organizations around the country and becomes uncompetable with its remarkable technics on water treatment consultancy and the quality of the services.

INFO GROUP’s purpose is protecting its customers' investments on the expensive equipment, aims to contribute to the economy by providing efficient and longer life with continuous and high quality services, controls equipment and chemicals that are used in business centers, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, universities, drinking and POTABLE WATER SYSTEMS of hotels, heating and cooling systems, steam boilers and cooling towers.

INFO GROUP’s market leading profile that forces its rivals to follow the excellent standards which are formed by INFO GROUP is based on our strong cooperation and having common goals with our customers.

Besides the water treatment consultancy is urgent and important solution for the productivity of investments, eco-friendly methods, meticulous researches and special solutions for needs come in to prominence and INFO GROUP is a real business partner on these particular subjects.